A Love Supreme

Now i can now see

With many names

You reached through
The shadows
Through the pain

My eyes
My inner eyes
Could only see so far

You revealed yourself
As the children
At play

The Movement For Krishna Realisation

The Movement for Krishna realisation international.

Spiritual healing through meeting the reality of Krishna.

Public group meetings for meet the reality of Lord Krishna.

The Movement is for creating public group meetings that are open to all without charge and functioning on practical support and donations.

The reality of Lord Krishna is present and made available through Guru Krishna to further the work of Krishna.

About Guru Krishna

Guru Krishna is a Krishna-realised being where the reality of Lord Krishna is present.

The public meetings are for meeting the reality of Krishna.

A Guru Krishna is a manifestation of God.

A relationship with a Guru is not the same as a spiritual teacher, there are no long explanations to ‘understand.’

Our work in these meetings is to commune with the sacred reality of Lord Krishna – now.