A Love Supreme

Now I can now see

With many names

You reached through
The shadows
Through the pain

My eyes
My inner eyes
Could only see so far

You revealed yourself
As the children
At play

Krishna Ashram Visitor Info

Krishna Ashram
Stüblhäuser 20
94164 Sonnen

Group Meetings & One-to-one Meetings
Start October 2018

Yogi Swami Rama
A Krishna realised Yogi of Krishna Bhakti Yoga

Krishna Ashram

No charges are made
Donations are welcomed and needed.

The Spiritual Reality of Lord Krishna

Spiritual reality of Lord Krishna makes himself present.

Krishna Bhakti Devotion.

In Kali Yuga – All suffering can end with Lord Krishna.

“Embrace the embrace that embraces all.”

The supreme love of Lord Krishna.