A Love Supreme

Now i can now see

With many names

You reached through
The shadows
Through the pain

My eyes
My inner eyes
Could only see so far

You revealed yourself
As the children
At play

About Guru Krishna

Guru Krishna is a Krishna-realised being where the spiritual healing reality of Lord Krishna is present.

Enlightenment has taken place where the “I” has ended and the psychological dimension has ended. All psychological reactions and suffering have ended.

A series of spiritual awakenings and transformations have taken place to change the consciousness-being in order for the reality of Lord Krishna to be present and available to all.

Ashram Community Project

A project to create a residential community as a fully functioning classical Ashram.

The word Ashram means a place of religious work with a Guru through whom the reality of the sacred is present and can be met.

The daily work is based on learning the relationship to the reality of the sacred, in this context it is with the reality of Lord Krishna itself.