A Love Supreme

Now i can now see

With many names

You reached through
The shadows
Through the pain

My eyes
My inner eyes
Could only see so far

You revealed yourself
As the children
At play

The beauty
The innocence
The intensity of it all
Shocked me

You revealed yourself
In the many faces
The multitude of eyes
That suddenly revealed itself
As Humankind
As one being
As One

You revealed yourself
As the young taxi driver
Full of peace and patience
In the busy traffic of the city

The quietness of the sacred
Drowned out the noise
The noise of the traffic
The noise of my mind

My idea and image of the driver
The presence of the sacred
The mystery of it all
Shocked me

You revealed yourself
In the wild flower
Small, vulnerable,
And powerful

The surprise of such beauty
Shocked me

All along I did not
See you

I saw the individual

I felt the grace
The beauty
The sacredness
The transcendence

I remained separate
From you
I did not embrace
Your embrace

You embraced me
Despite the thorns
On my chest
Despite the indifference
Of my heart

We have drifted apart
From you
Thousands of years ago

Now we are all born
Separate from each other
And separate from

I did not need
There was no passion
Or love for
I did not see

We have been too long apart
We have got used
To our isolations

We have got used
To this existence
That we call our life

The fragmentation
The entertainment

All these solutions
They are not

Imagination, beliefs,
The descriptions
The shadows of thought

You revealed yourself
Only when this separation
This self-created suffering
Finally ended

In the ending
In the embrace

The awakening
The communion

There is no separation
Now I can see
We are one

I can now see
You were there
In those moments
Of transcendental

The invitation to enter
The invitation to enter

The Sacred
The unfolding dance
Of life

Only by entering the river
Of humankind
Can love flower

Only by entering the river
Can the “I” drown
Into the love of the many

The invitation
Now fully embraced

How does that veil
That covers the heart
Also covers the eyes?

This separation
This thinking
That withholds
Unto itself

This separation
This thinking
That knows
But cannot see

Embrace us all
Without judgement

Patient, compassionate,
Doing all you can

Only you
Can give
Like this

We have lost
Long ago

It feels blank
Like cardboard
To know

The books
The knower
The thinker
The judgement

I now understand
What it is to see
To live without the knower

We think
That we see,
That is the modern way

Every moment
Vulnerable to change
Not easy is it?

Without choice
With what life wants
To reveal

The images blind
The words
Make deaf

These we hide behind
And relate

Sacrifice and devotion
Strange words
To a modern mind

The action of surrender
To life’s embrace

One step back
From life?

One step forward?

Which is it?

This embrace ends all separation
This embrace ends all suffering
This embrace awakens
The dance of life

Yoga is communion
Right now
And every moment
Only when the “I”
Is gone, gone for good

Is eternity awakened
As your mind
As your heart?

Every moment
Met with peace
Every mistake
Met with peace

Every moment
Vulnerable to peace

Not easy is it?

The embrace
The end
The beginning

The embrace
That ends the separation
The embrace
That awakens
The Supreme

The suffering in the world
Can end
When we turn towards

The ecstasy of transcendence
The mystery of transformation

“The love of the one in the many”

A Love Supreme