About Yogi Swami Rama

Meetings with the Yogi Swami Rama for spiritual transformation

Krishna Bhakti Yoga – The Supreme Yoga

Swami Rama is a Yogi of  Krishna Bhakti Yoga who is a Krishna-realised being where the reality of Lord Krishna is present.

Born in the U.K. August 1956.


Radha & Krishna

Lord Krishna sees women as equal to men per se – in their work of devotion to Lord Krishna, spiritual life and equal in daily life in relationships with men.

Lord Krishna does not see a hierarchy of a caste system based on birth – each person is equal to Lord Krishna, his love is a love for all.


From Darkness to Light – The journey of spiritual awakenings – Krishna-realisation

About the Yogi Swami Rama – A devotee of Lord Krishna

“An Enlightenment has taken place where the “I” has ended and the psychological dimension has ended. All psychological reactions and suffering have ended.

“A series of spiritual awakenings and transformations have taken place to change the consciousness-being in order for the reality of Lord Krishna to be present and available to all.

“The veil of persona has been removed by Grace, the sacred Beings that serve Lord Krishna of the cosmos are met. The work of spiritual transformation through meeting the reality of Lord Krishna is revealed.

“The reality of Lord Krishna has been realised and made present and made available for those that are serious to participate in the awakening of Krishna realisation and spiritual transformation.

“Many sacred Beings that serve and further the work of Lord Krishna are available to assist this work of spiritual awakening and transformation.”

Relationship with Swami Rama  –  Meeting the reality of Lord Krishna   –   Krishna Bhakti Yoga

Relationship and the community of Krishna Bhakti devotees

Our relationship together is very simple and direct There are no texts that are being read out, there are no teachings to understand. There is the need for change, healing and spiritual transformation, all those needs are met in this relationship.

The compassion and peace of Lord Krishna are actual realities that can be met.

The Grace of Lord Krishna is for everyone – no matter what our history and actions are. The Supreme Love of Lord Krishna can be met and embraced, a new dimension of existence can be lived – right now.

“Bhakti is the heart of all Yogas”

Swami Rama –

“I have travelled over many thousands of years, through many lives, through much darkness and sorrows. By the Grace of Lord Krishna I have met my Karma and transformed that Karma through sacrifice, surrender, devotion and then love.

“Lord Krishna revealed the long history of my errors, then my conscience awakened with a desire to set others free from suffering and darkness. The nature of Kali Yuga was revealed and how the reality of Lord Krishna can heal and transform the Darkness that is within our mind, body and being.

“Over the last 10 years a journey of purification, austerities, healing, revelations and transformations have taken place so the reality of Lord Krishna could be fully embraced and made present for those who seek healing and spiritual transformation.

“All suffering can end, the highest healing reality is made available for one and all.”