Meetings with Guru Krishna

Public Meetings – Are taking place at Krishna Ashram, Stüblhäuser 20, 94164 Sonnen



A Guru is a manifestation of God itself

The purpose of a Guru is to provide direct communion with the sacred.

What takes place in the meetings with Guru Krishna

The reality of Lord Krishna is present with Guru Krishna, the meetings are for meeting that supreme reality.

Communion with the sacred

Communion is the communication of the sacred, a direct contact that reveals a new dimension of existence, right now.

Removal of all barriers to God-realisation

Often there are barriers to the communion and realisation of the supreme reality, in such a situation the barriers and their nature are indicated.

Beyond, teachings, books and ‘understandings’

There are no long explanations to ‘understand’ which brings no actual spiritual transformation.

Spiritual Healing

The meetings are for spiritual healing with the reality of Lord Krishna.

The highest healing available to us is the healing reality of Lord Krishna.

Guru Krishna is a Krishna-realised being through whom the reality of Lord Krishna can be met.

In the meeting all factors of existence can be met, all kinds of suffering can end and be healed.

Wholeness, healing and holy life

No charges are made for attending meetings, donations are welcomed and needed.

Public meetings – starting May 2018.

No charges are made for attending meetings – donations are welcomed and needed.

Krishna Ashram – Stüblhäuser 20, 94164 Sonnen, Bayern, Deutschland.

Contact us to arrange a meeting time, meetings last about 1 to 2 hours.

Please contact via the CONTACT page.