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Stüblhäuser 20  –  94164 Sonnen   –  Bayern  –  Deutschland

An Invitation to visit – Krishna Ashram

You are invited to visit. Be clear why you want to visit, this is the working relationship for spiritual transformation, for healing deep changes that can only take place with the reality of the sacred itself. This is the reality and work of an Ashram and Guru.

People are welcome to visit. Please arrange a time to visit by email via the CONTACT page within this website.

My Deutsch is basic, I speak with a mixture of Deutsch and English.

We have made our private house open to visitors as an ‘Open House’. This is not a business or commercial activity, meetings are held for spiritual transformation only.

Group Meetings & Individual meetings

Individual meetings appointment – Please contact –

Please enquire via email, details are on the CONTACT page within this website.

No charges are made for individual meetings or for attending any group meetings.

Donations are welcomed and needed.


Please read the entire page about visiting.

Legal Disclaimer EEC.

You are being invited as a personal guest, your personal safety is of your own responsibility. This is a private house and you are being invited as a personal guest. This is not a commercial business of any kind.

At present there is no public liability insurance here at our house of any kind.

Please read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER within this website. Thank you.


There are also several hotels and low cost pensions in the Sonnen area.

Stüblhäuser 20  –  94164 Sonnen   –  Bayern  –  Deutschland

Our house is the middle house – which is away from the bottom road.

Visiting here – Travel Directions and Travel Information –

Map Stüblhäuser 20

The map shows the village Sonnen and the location of our house “A” – Click the image to open a bigger view version.

Please use Google Maps or other online map systems to locate where we are and your journey route.

Driving by car

Take the Passau – Breitenberg road direction to Sonnen. Drive through Sonnen, when out of the village down the hill for 5 minutes take the first turning on the right.

After 5 minutes you will see the first house on the left, take the turning left next to this house, we are the second house behind this first house a little bit up the hill.

Park in front of the left hand garage.

Please do not park in front of the right hand garage.

There are tractors here that use all the roads, please allow room.

Please bring house shoes or sandals – for in the house use only

The Open House

The house is a rented farm-house that is part of an organic working farm. Water is from the farm spring, we use wood burning stoves for heating water, heating the house and cooking, the wood is from the farms forests.

Eating – A Plant based diet only – Vegan

The food and the meals here – Our diet is a ‘plant based’ diet only (vegan diet). No alcohol or smoking is permitted in the house. No meat, fish, dairy products or eggs are permitted in the house, or smoking.

To be clear – No charges are made of any kind for your stay or for the food provided if you eat here while visiting.

Special diets within a plant based diet – Let us know ahead.

Travel Information – In Detail

Please check the up to date and current information via the links that are provided.

All travel connections and modes of transport run on a regular basis. Read here all the info then check out the various links so you understand the connections.

Buses from Passau

Buses from Passau to our house. We are near the city of Passau. Buses run from near Passau train station – Bus stop number 13 – This changes sometimes when there are road works, please check at the bus stop for any notices.

The bus stop number 13 is outside the train station Bahnhof across the road  and on the lower road.

The bus is the –

‘7599 to Breitenberg’ – which stops near our House.

Nearest bus stop to our house is – ‘Hirschenberg’, 2 stops after Sonnen.  It is at the bottom of the hill after leaving Sonnen village – at night bring a torch – we will meet you at the bus stop.

Bus Time Table – 7599 Passau to Breitenberg

If there are no bus connections we can collect you from Passau – if we are free and can make the time – please arrange with us ahead.

Please attempt to get a sequence of travel connections that allows you the possibility of getting a bus connection from Passau to Sonnen.

Also, please consider the same for your return travel. If you are unable to get such connections never mind we can collect you from the train station in Passau.

Air travel. München, or nearby Memmingen.

München airport to Passau by train – when traveling from München airport via the train system to Passau – do not travel into the center of München and then travel back out again towards Passau, if you do you will see the same train station that you first boarded the train that took you into München – you waste an hour of travel time.

Please check the information page on the München airport for traveling onward and returning to München Flughafen, airport –

General München Flughafen info

The train connection to Passau from München Airport – You need to first travel from München airport by bus or taxi to the nearby small town of – Freising – in order to get a connecting train in the direction of Passau. Take a bus from the München airport to Freising. Check the link below for duration of travel times, if you need that info.

On this page link scroll down to view the link name Freising for more info. The buses are very regular and just go out of the airport arrival/departure entrance and go find a Freising bus – it stops outside the Freising train station – Bahnhof.

Train connection – S Bahn – from München airport to the center of München info’ if you need it –

Memmingen Airport Travel Info

Memmingen Airport Travel Information – General information on travel to Airport.

Memmingen Airport – Bus/Train info  – Specific Bus/Train travel info and Timetable Links.

Bus outside of Airport Terminal to Memmingen Railway Station – Buy a ‘Bayern Ticket’ for a day regional travel ticket on all forms of transport, see below for info.

The one way journey from the station to Memmingen Allgäu Airport or from the Allgäu Airport to Memmingen train station costs €3.00 and for children between 4-12 years € 1.50.

Outside the Memmingen Airport Terminal – There is the local bus service to Memmingen railway station, and there is also the large shuttle bus that goes to München central, be clear what bus you need – take the local type bus to Memmingen railway station for getting the rail connection.

Railway station = ‘Bahnhof’

The central bus station (ZOB), directly at Memmingen Railway Station, is only approx. 4.5 kilometres away from the airport.

With the bus lines 2 and 810/811 you can travel from Memmingen Airport to Memmingen Central Station.
Line 2 Allgäu Airport – ZOB Memmingen –  Allgäu Airport

The one way journey from Memmingen bus-train station to Memmingen Allgäu Airport or from the Allgäu Airport to Memmingen bus-train station costs € 3.00 and for children between 4-12 years € 1.50.

General Train Travel Info to Passau

The ‘Bayern Ticket’. There is a regional discount travel ticket for the Bayern region – The Bayern Ticket, it is about 25 Euros and covers travel on all forms of public transport, there are two kinds of Bayern Ticket, a single ticket and a group ticket, the link below takes you to a page for more information.

For example, when you arrive in the airport of München or Memmingen its possible to purchase a Bayern travel ticket when you get on the airport bus to travel to the nearest train station – Bahnhof.

Please check the days and timings for when a Bayern ticket is valid for use, there are certain time restrictions i.e. after 9am.  – The ticket is not valid on the ‘ICE’ international high-speed trains, you may need to check that en route – check the type of train service before getting on a train.

Train Information Link – On this page look for the word Bayern and click it for an info page to open.

We are at an altitude of 830 meters, in the winter months we are often in deep snow and its very cold.

Bring warm clothes and house shoes, even in spring time the evenings are chilled with the mountain air streams.