Legal Disclaimer

Without prejudice

Legal disclaimer

Michael G Eaglemeare is a resident of Deutschland. UK & Deutsch passport holder.

Full Legal Disclaimer. Without prejudice. Within the context of EEC law.

In public meetings certain views are made about health, healing, self-healing and diet. These views are based upon private and personal unqualified research. These personal views are intended for research purposes only.

Michael G Eaglemeare is not a ‘Yoga teacher’ and does not teach or demonstrate physical exercises as Asanas, or breathing exercises as Pranayama.

We do not offer professional medical advice or a service to people with health problems. We do not wish to or intend to replace the opinion, advice, consultation or work of a qualified professional medical practitioner.

A person is responsible for their own health situation and are required in the first instance to consult a suitably qualified medical health care professional with their health concerns.

When the term ‘healing’ is used it refers to the self-healing system that is present in every person and is the healing mechanism of the body. Healing is an energetic reality of nature that may help the self-healing action in a person.

Michael G Eaglemeare is not ‘doing’ any healing, it is stated here that any healing activity is that of the self-healing mechanism of the body system itself.

We – Michael G Eaglemeare and Brigitte Eaglemeare, are not responsible for your personal safety. Any injury, accident or loss of any kind while attending any public meetings.

No monetary charges are made for any activities or meetings with Michael G Eaglemeare.

Michael G Eaglemeare, 23 September 2017, Sonnen, Germany.