Meetings – Visitors

Meetings with Yogi Swami Rama for spiritual transformation

Yogi Swami Rama is a Bhakti Yogi who is a Krishna-realised being where the reality of Lord Krishna is present.

Born in the U.K. August 1956.

It is traditional for a Yogi to make his house open for all for the work of Yoga without charge.

This is the reality and work of an actual Ashram.

No charges are made for the meetings, donations are welcomed and needed, as well as practical support.

Radha & Krishna

We see women as equal to men per se – in their work of devotion to Lord Krishna and equal in daily life in relationships with men.

We do not see a hierarchy of a caste system based on birth – each person is equal to Lord Krishna, his love is a love for all.


From Darkness to Light – The journey of spiritual awakenings – Krishna-realisation

Relationship with Yogi Swami Rama  –  Meeting the reality of Lord Krishna

Krishna Bhakti Yoga

Group Meetings & One-to-one Meetings – Starting October 2018 –

Meetings are held in English and some Deutsch, translation often is possible.

The reality of a Guru

“A Guru is different to a spiritual teacher. There are no long explanations to ‘understand.’

“A Guru has ended all “I” reality, all suffering has ended, a spiritual transformation has taken place where the reality of Lord Krishna is made present for all to meet.

“A Guru is therefore a spiritual healer, the healing of all factors of existence, the healing of ones whole being.

“Talking and explanations are not important. Devotion is what is important in order to have communion with the reality of Lord Krishna.”  –   Yogi Swami Rama.

The meetings are based on questions and answers

We need to learn what is a living answer, to meet the needed reality itself.

In these meetings we have the opportunity to meet our deepest needs, for spiritual healing and spiritual transformation through the reality of Lord Krishna.

The highest spiritual transformation reality is that of Lord Krishna.

Communion is the communication of reality itself.

Contemplation is a vast movement of consciousness of the cosmos itself, meditation.

Transcendence is the spiritual ecstasy of Oneness, to go beyond oneself, eternity.

What is sacrifice? What is surrender? What is devotion?

The journey of Krishna Bhakti starts with drinking from the fountain of Lord Krishna.

The drive of the chattering mind, the limitations of ‘thinking’, the suffering and pains, all this is healed and transformed in the reality of Lord Krishna.

The mind, our consciousness, is transformed through the heart. Then the mind of Lord Krishna is of our mind. Therefore, we learn to sacrifice our worldly mind, the “I”.

Surrender, each of us has something to learn, to surrender our “I” will, the mine and yours, the sense of separation. Therefore, we learn to surrender our attachments.

Devotion, each of us are capable of being kind, capable of love for one person. We learn to have kindness and love for Lord Krishna. Therefore, we learn to use our kindness, our love to meet the Supreme Love of Lord Krishna, to receive his Grace.

The Grace of Lord Krishna comes as it does outside of time, space and even place. He may need to reveal Himself through the laughter of a child, through the song of a bird.

The Grace of Lord Krishna can come in many ways according to our deeper needs, our lessons of life, our Karma, our hearts desire. The journey of Krishna Bhakti Yoga is the highest and Supreme Yoga.

What is “I”?

There is no actual “I”, there is comparison, judgement, competition, greed, anger, resentment, attachment, etc. These self-centred movements in mind generate a sense of being separate from others, this in turn feels ‘real’ and from that reality we relate, exist and suffer.

To be free of fear and separation is neither easy or difficult. We have the deep need to set ourselves free. The quickest ‘way’ is through Krishna Bhakti Yoga with a Krishna realised Yogi – as a Guru who is fully free of “I” and its reality of suffering and separation.

Personal, global and cosmic

The reality of Lord Krishna is a cosmic reality that has many Beings working and serving the needs of Lord Krishna for healing and spiritual transformation.

Relationship and the community of Krishna Bhakti devotees

Our relationship together is very simple and direct There are no texts that are being read out, there are no teachings to understand. There is the need for change, healing and spiritual transformation, all those needs are met in this relationship.

The compassion and peace of Lord Krishna are actual realities that can be met. The Grace of Lord Krishna is for everyone, no matter our history or actions the Supreme Love of Lord Krishna can be met and embraced, a new dimension of existence can be lived – right now.

Kali Yuga and its transformation through the reality of Lord Krishna

Kali Yuga is the time when Darkness has entrance into humankind. When the presence of Darkness and its suffering intensifies the reality of Lord Krishna draws near and makes itself present to assist in healing and spiritual transformation.

The work of Swami Rama is to assist the reality of Lord Krishna to be met by those in need. Krishna realisation, means that a spiritual transformation has taken place so that the reality of Lord Krishna has been ’embraced’ and realised to be present for all in need.

Humankind, collective transformation – The reality of a religious life lived

The times we are in as a collective global being as humankind needs the direct contact with the reality of Lord Krishna itself.

The Beings that serve Lord Krishna and his work of spiritual healing and spiritual transformation

This reality of the sacred as Lord Krishna is cosmic, it is available to many populations throughout the cosmos.

All kinds of people for thousands of years throughout the cosmos have transformed themselves through communion with the reality of Lord Krishna.

These transformed persons exist in many ways as energetic persons, as people who are awakened with a body, as well as further manifestations as Beings that are part of Lord Krishna reality without ‘bodies.’

Communion is the communication of sacred reality

Communion is to meet the reality that is moving the words. To listen to the sound of a bird song and meet the sacred that moves and blends in with that song.

Communion with the reality that is present with a Krishna realised person is to meet the reality of Lord Krishna, or whatever other reality that needs to be met.

That which is beyond words can be met, we need a hunger and passion that transcends words, descriptions and ‘understanding’.

Krishna Bhakti Yoga with Yogi Swami Rama

Love, Devotion and surrender to the reality of Lord Krishna – Bhakti Yoga

There is an understanding that is beyond books, ideas and knowledge based systems.

This understanding is another dimension of existence, the mind, the consciousness of Lord Krishna is the mind of Supreme Intelligence, it is Supreme Love itself, the cosmos.

Communion with spiritual reality itself has the potential to awaken a new dimension of existence that is of Lord Krishna himself.

Bhakti Yoga in context to Lord Krishna

“Bhakti is the heart of all the different Yogas”

The reality and work of Krishna Bhakti Yoga

Yoga is a living reality, it is not just a book definition as “union with Brahman”

Bhakti Yoga is a reality, the reality of the Supreme Love of Lord Krishna that enters into humankind. This is the work and reality of Bhakti Yoga.

Spiritual ecstasy, transcendence of worldly limitations, the ending of “I” and its suffering, the entering the ocean of eternity, the cosmic dance of Lord Krishna. Bhakti Yoga.

The work and reality of Bhakti Yoga enters into those who awaken its reality within their hearts. Then the reality of Lord Krishna can enter through our hearts and being into humankind.

This is the reality of Yoga

Through Bhakti to Lord Krishna the entire being is purified. There is a transcendence of spiritual practices, philosophies, and long discussions and dialogues.

In Bhakti you learn to meet spiritual reality itself and to learn to change through communion and not through ‘thinking’, books, and discussions or even teaching.

Bhakti is to have direct contact with the sacred itself. This is the essential difference to Bhakti Yoga and all other Yogas.

When Bhakti is alive and active, then its possible to do any other Yoga path.

Start with Bhakti

The Supreme Love of Lord Krishna can be met through His Grace by our kindness, sacrifice, surrender and devotion to Lord Krishna himself.

The work of Bhakti Yoga is very simple in outer structure.

What is the understanding we seek? What is a living answer? It is reality itself

The spiritual journey of transformation begins with the first step, to enter the reality of Lord Krishna – now. There is no need for years of practice, studying philosophical texts.

To “embrace the embrace that embraces all” is to enter into a new direction of existence. That direction is a mystery, the ordinary mind learns to surrender to the mind of Lord Krishna.

That reality of compassion, love and cosmic intelligence carries us and holds us into its ocean of eternity.

The passion for spiritual adventure vs information overload

To think, to know, to understand is of little use to a person who is serious to discover spiritual reality itself. We need reality itself, not exotic descriptions to feed upon.

Reading books about mountains and mountain climbing is not climbing the mountain. Those that just read books will never climb the mountains and discover the Supreme.

Our modern world is fed on books, descriptions and fantasies. We have those who read books and then ‘teach’ what they ‘understand’ who have not climbed any spiritual mountains at all yet teach us all about it.

Each of us needs to awaken our spiritual adventure and not ‘sleep upon a grave’ of words, beliefs, rituals and other sentimental nonsense.

All is Karma

Face your Karma, change, heal, transform – awaken a new existence

Spiritual transformation is by Grace

“Embrace the embrace that embraces all.” –  Yogi Swami Rama

Our Karma leads us to this position, the position to embrace the reality of Lord Krishna – right now.

The ground you stand upon is either made of words and ideas, or its made of a spiritual adventure that is yours and reveals eternity itself with its ecstasy, freedom and transformation.

There is peace, ecstasy and the unfolding mystery of existence, or not.

In ones being, at its depth is a hunger, a deep need for spiritual reality, on the surface is Maya, the illusions of the world that are made of thoughts, ideas and imagination.

In that depth, the heart of hearts, is a vulnerable reality that can be embraced by Lord Krishna. That embrace awakens The Beloved, you are of Him, He will never let you go.

The reality of Lord Krishna is present for those who passionately seek spiritual reality and spiritual awakening.

Celebrate, awaken, discover joy, Divine life

Celebrate the Divine life, embrace the peace and supreme love of Lord Krishna, enter the living reality of a religious life right now.

Freedom absolute is right now, not after years of denial and austerity. Embrace Lord Krishna, surrender the ways of the “I” and leave isolation and suffering behind.

Embrace the embrace of supreme love, enter eternity!

The work of the meetings – Meeting the reality of lord Krishna

The work in the meetings is to learn to commune with the sacred reality of Lord Krishna now, right now, very simple.

Communion with Krishna reality

Direct communication of reality is communion, it is only in this communion that actual spiritual transformation takes place.

The books, descriptions and the thinking processes that ‘understand’ are not the same as drinking from the fountain of the sacred – here we learn to drink from that fountain.

Vidya means ‘correct knowledge’ – ‘knowledge’ in the sacred sense means to have direct communion with the sacred, with God, with Lord Krishna.

This communion brings an understanding that touches the depths of our being and awakens a new dimension of existence – now.

There is no measure or comparison, there is no judgement or competition. The reality of Lord Krishna is for everyone, His love is for all.

Kali Yuga

In times of global extreme crisis Lord Krishna as a reality draws near to bring peace, compassion and supreme love.

We start right now on our journey together as devotees of Lord Krishna, the work of surrender, devotion and love.

Entering Lord Krishna we leave behind the isolations and troubles of the “I” reality.

Meeting Krishna reality is the immediate entering of the sacred, we embrace the embrace of Lord Krishna.

Meeting Krishna reality

These meetings are an active participation in spiritual reality now, there is nothing to ‘understand’, there are no beliefs or books.

Entering the ocean of Lord Krishna we enter a journey of spiritual transformation, peace and the embrace that embraces all – Supreme Love.

Living the reality of a religious life – now

We need to be clear, we need to live a life that is of another dimension, a religious life lived takes us out of this isolation with its separation, reactions and limitations.

Krishna reality is a dimension of existence that is available now, we need to learn to meet that reality and discover our true reality of existence.