The Movement For Krishna Realisation

The Movement for Krishna realisation international.

Public group meetings for meet the reality of Lord Krishna for spiritual healing.

The movement is to create public group meetings internationally that are open to all without charge and functioning on practical support and donations.

The reality of Lord Krishna is present and made available through a transformed person and manifesting the reality of Guru, as Guru Krishna to further the work of Krishna.

The movement is for holding public meetings with Guru Krishna to meet the reality of Lord Krishna and for that reality to be realised, to be of ones life as a religious life lived.

The work is to meet the reality of Lord Krishna, this meeting of reality is made present through the need of humankind at these times of Kali Yuga.

Turning towards the reality of Krishna then Krishna can be met, very simple. We are used to living without this sacred reality, we are turned away from wholeness, mystery and eternity.

Eternity lies in the flowers, the sparkle of the rain, the laughter, and even the pain. It all leads to this moment of embrace, this turning towards the ocean of sacred existence – now.

“To give is to live.”

The movement for meeting the reality of Lord Krishna –  The International Project

It is important that these public meetings for meet the reality of Lord Krishna take place internationally.

We are inviting you to assist in creating public meetings in different countries in the world. The practical factors is that all meetings are without charge and open to all.

The practical needs also need to be donated for the event itself, this is the practical support and donations to create the event.

The sacred is available for all, it also needs to function that way as well as an expression of its nature.

You are invited to make contact with us if you can help in any way in creating a public event. Thank you. CONTACT page.