This perfume

This perfume
You cannot smell
It fills the whole being

Transcendental ecstasy

You cannot teach it
It cannot be written
Or learned from a book

Slow to learn
Quick to teach
The modern way
No perfume

Look for the flower
Where this perfume is

Does your heart seek
This perfume?

How will it meet it?

There is a communion
That ends communion
Then there is no “I”
Then there no “my”

You cannot grasp this
With the inner hand
To this you cannot say
“I understand”

A need beyond words
Without greed

The modern dilemma

I saw a flower
A flowering man
He wandered by
That perfume!

Only once was enough
It never leaves you
That eternity

The world tells lies
Spins descriptions
Out of ‘truths’

Seek the flower
With all your

Tear away what
Keeps you

That perfume
It never

The essence
The soul of life

Don’t come here
And live your life
Without this