To give is to live

You came each morning
A communion
As one

In the dance
Of the communion
I heard “live”

There were no words
Only that is how
It felt

Two weeks of daily communion
Then suddenly you were gone

Twelve months you were gone

Twelve months
Of emptiness, feeling lost,
Hungry to live

Then suddenly one morning
You were there
In your glory

Now I hear you
My heart sings
It says “give”

I did not hear “give”
In those first communions
My desire corrupted

Damn that mind
That consumes every

That mind
That turns everything
Into a spiritual experience

While I was telling myself a story
Of my spiritual delights
You could not come near

Many years ago
While living in an Ashram
You came then and showed me

That I would discover you
On the streets
Not sitting in an Ashram

Many years later
You reached through me
And touched those on the streets

Those who are violent,
Those who are self-destructive,
Those who are lost and crushed

At the time I was on tour teaching
Those empty mind games
The teacher died on those streets

Your heart is what is missing
Your mind is a vast quiet mystery

Recently on the street I saw a man,
As we came closer
I saw all his lives in one glance

How they keep repeating,
The enclosure, the suffering

I burst into tears
No care of who would see

We passed each other
We said hello

We were both touched
By your grace

Now I see how you are discovered

“To give is to live”