What is beauty?

What is beauty?

Our modern culture is superficial when it comes to beauty, it is occupied with the outer form.

The shape, the design, the good looks, they are what is considered beauty.

The outer form, at the most, is part of beauty. The essence, the wholeness of beauty is rarely perceived let alone lived.

The flower, the child, the open blue sky, we perceive some of that and call that beautiful.

Wholeness, the sacred, God, that reality is the totality and essence of beauty. That wholeness, that beauty, exists with or without the form.

What is it to be whole? To have that essence and reality of beauty and to be of that so ones life is wholeness?

That essence and wholeness is present when we are not reacting, when we are not demanding something for the “I”.

Our modern culture encourages psychological measurement and reactions which sustains suffering.

What is it to live with the absence of being self-conscious, with no “I” thoughts saying – “I am ugly,” or, “I am beautiful” ?

Comparison, competition, the measure of oneself and others, the psychological thought based existence is what is ugly.

When consciousness is not self-conscious of itself, then there is an unfolding of the wholeness of beauty, it reveals itself in the dance of life.

Without the body what is consciousness? Is there beauty without the form?

The past is meeting the present with the hurts, the measure of oneself, the projections and ideas, the images of what we are or we are not. These accumulated psychological thoughts ‘hover’ in the present and distort and are a barrier to the wholeness of beauty.

In the awareness of self-created barriers those barriers are seen for what they are and they fall away. When we hold on to some of this barrier and want other bits to go, then that is not choiceless awareness and the contradictions and comparisons carry on.

The barrier to the wholeness to life has no cause and no reason. When we let go of the ways of the “I” then beauty reveals itself and its mystery and eternity are present.